Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center

Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center

Completed in 2010, the Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center is a flexible venue with the versatility to host events ranging from livestock and trade shows to concerts and sporting events. The state-of-the-art facility is fully climatized and includes a show arena, a covered warm-up arena and fixed seating for approximately 3,300. The striking design and unique architecture combined with tiled quilt patterns adorning the exterior walls make the Exhibition Center the ideal space for any large-venue event.

Jake's Club, the second floor VIP area, can be used independently for business meetings, private parties or receptions.

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Arena Floor

  • Dimensions: 250’ x 125’ Square Feet: 32,000

Indoor Warm-up Arena

  • Dimensions: 200’ x 90’ Square Feet:18,000

Indoor Warm-up Arena with Livestock Fence Set Up

  • Dimensions: 125’ x 72’ Square Feet: 9,000

General Info

  • Main Floor Seating: Banquet: 2,500 / Classroom: 1,750 / Theatre: 3,400 / 10' x 10' booths: 150
  • Additional Seating Capabilities: With bleachers retracted, an additional 10,000 sq. ft. is made available, additional seating: Banquet: 800 / Theater: 1,100 / 10' x 10' booths: 50
  • Ceiling Height: Varies, 30' to 50'
  • Service Entrance: 20' w x 20' h
  • Heating and Air Conditioning: Entire Building
  • Restrooms: Access from interior or exterior (ADA Accessible)
  • Additional Features: Two first-floor meeting rooms (966 sq. ft.), contracted catering and concessionaire, Jake's Club (second-floor area; 2,200 sq. ft.), loading dock, concrete floor, adjacent hard-surface parking
Facility Video
Facility Video - Livestock Event