Frequently Asked Questions About the Fairgrounds

Every year the Iowa State Fair staff fields questions from visitors. Some of the most frequently asked questions are below. The answers are a constant reminder that nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair.

Who do I contact to plan an event on the Fairgrounds?

Information about our facilities can be found on the Facilities page. To plan an event at the Fairgrounds, please fill out a New Client Application form located under the Facilities tab.

How can I find out what events are happening at the Fairgrounds?
Where can I find a map of the Fairgrounds?
Am I allowed to bring my own food onto the Fairgrounds for an event?
Are the Campgrounds open during non-Fairtime?
Are pets allowed on the Fairgrounds?
How do I find out if an event is cancelled or post-poned?
Where are lost items claimed?
Where are public restrooms located?
Where can I find information about hotels near the Fairgrounds?