Horse Barn

Horse Barn

Often used in conjunction with the Jacobson Exhibition Center, the majestic two-acre, 12-aisle Horse Barn is completely enclosed. The beautiful brick and stone building has been a centerpiece of the Fair for more than a century. One of its best features is its prime location, directly connected to the warm-up arena of the Jacobson Exhibition Center.

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General Info

  • Dimensions: 434’ x 208’
  • Square Feet: 90,272
  • Number of Stalls: 418 box stalls, 11 tack stalls
  • Service Entrance: 12’ w x 12’ h
  • Restrooms: North side (ADA accessible)
  • Additional Features: Office (air-conditioned), PA system, wash racks, showers (men and women), west end is connected to the Jacobson Exhibition Center